So the last couple of weeks I have been busy making some of my first wall hangings. I made them by using a shirobi-dye technique and then screen-printed on top. It was inspired by some of the shapes and silhouettes in my paintings that I converted into stencils. Have a better look at them HERE on my website

A few weeks ago I was involved in an art exhibition at Bo Concept in Bournemouth. The theme of the exhibition was ‘Japanese’ which celebrated the Japanese Designer; Nendo who was being featured.

Last night I took part in the Sunstone Collective live music and drawing event. This is what happened…The theme was unfurling storm-

Talking heads
A little painting I did a few weeks ago based from imagery from Cuba

So this week I took part in one-to-one a textile printing workshop with Noël Holmes . In a short space of time I learnt how to translate my paintings into a simplified repeating pattern, mono-printing onto fabric, Batiking and screen-printing. Its a process I am definitely goinig to persue as exciting and unexpected things can happen. its not something to rush. Taking the time to select colour palettes and compositions is vital.

(via tari101190)

So the other week I had a stall at collaboration station event at Postcards. As well as having a stall, I also exhibited some of my work and and did some live drawing with a friend. It turned out to be an awesome night and I look forward to doing it again sometime

Here’s a scanned and coloured drawing that was inspired by my trip to Cuba. Limited, but effective colour palette. Perhaps this composition is a little overcrowded, but then that is what Havana was like…

I did this painting a while ago for my Mother. The painting is of the late guitarist and Singer-songwriter Kevin Ayers who unfortunately died earlier this year. He found fame in the mid-sixties Co-founding the Pschycadelic band - Soft Machine, hence the pschycadelic array of colours

So this December, I was lucky enough to go on holiday…to Cuba! It is bizarre to see a Christmas tree when its 28 degrees outside, but you do get used to it…as you do the rum. Here are some tasters of some of the photographs I took. If you’re a fiend for colour, then you have been spoilt

So I’ve just had the chance to photograph a mural I did in my room a couple of months ago. I was inspired by the wildlife and plant interaction in my garden at the end of the summer. I did a couple of sketches of plants butterflies and dragonflies and low and behold came up with this limited coloured mural rendered in coloured emulsion paint. Now every time someone has the pleasure of acquainting themselves with my room, they are confronted with a scene of beauty.

So I made maybe not the most original Christmas card ever, but it had to be done. Beautifully crafted from gouache paint. They could be for sale if the price is right. How could you say no to a robin? :)

The new KJ Poster Jack and I designed for the upcoming Kollateral Jammage event on the 21st Nov @ the Winchester.

This painting was inspired by the physical features that contribute to the attractiveness of a woman, i.e. their hair, face, breasts and body shape. Here I have tried to draw upon the other things that can also make a woman appear attractive that cannot necessarily be seen, such as compassion, brain power and internal functions.

So Today I had the great opportunity of meeting Sir Paul Smith at his HQ in Covent Garden, London. It is inspirational to talk to someone of this calibre who has successfully built a business from scratch as it gives young aspiring designers to aim high. With strong work ethic, great things can be achieved. Work hard, play hard…